WHO is the Criminal?

In the security risk assessment, we discuss the understand that we cannot fight a criminal directly, as most of the time we do not even know who the criminal is. There is no one-on-one battle.

As human beings, we have a picture in our minds of what a ‘criminal’ looks like. This picture is often only of the person committing the crime. The one with the gun in his hand or with a backpack on his back, or the one who acts suspiciously, that is usually the one labelled as ‘the criminal’.

We seem to forget that a crime is hardly ever committed by only one single entity. What about the ‘criminal’ with the suit that is scoping the area, monitoring routines, making mental notes of habits and security protocols of the property?

The criminal picture changes completely in high-end areas. This criminal will not look like the picture of the average criminal we have in our minds. In fact, ………

The independent security consultants will discuss this top pick in detail in the security meeting.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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