Join our informative security meeting.

We are planning to host a series of security meetings for homes and business owners in your area. Please complete the form below for more information and to receive a list of meeting dates.


The focus of these meetings will surround the importance of an Independent Security Risk Assessment. We are thinking about getting between 10 and 20 people at a time together for a small meeting. We are also looking at Zoom meetings as another option.

Topics that will be discussed during these meetings:
  • What is an independent Security Risk Assessment?
  • Who needs an independent Security Risk Assessment?
  • The difference between Risk Management and a Security Risk Assessment.
  • The difference between product assessment and a Security Risk Assessment.
  • Why can’t in-house security and security companies do a Security Risk Assessment?
  • When does security stop and safety start?
  • What is security? What is crime?

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